Stockbroking Services

Kina Wealth is Papua New Guinea’s longest established stockbroker. We have more than 3,000 customers and currently transact approximately 62 per cent of trades on the POMSox.

Whether you are an individual customer or a corporate client, share brokers will partner with you to make well-informed investment decisions. Kina stockbroking division is the longest established and registered stockbroker in PNG acting as intermediary between investors and their desired investment. Kina Securities Limited can assist you by providing research on listed stocks, interest rates and discussing your needs with you so that you can make informed choices about your investment needs. We offer sharebroking service that provides a transactional service only.  We transact in :

  • POMSox shares
  • Shares listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and other international markets
  • Government Inscribed Stock (GIS)
  • Treasury Bills (TBills)

Our customers are able to trade securities on the ASX platform and POMSox, and are offered access to ASX company research reports through our association with Morgans Financial Limited.

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