Mission & values


Our vision is for prosperous customers and communities, underpinned by progressive, accessible financial services. We will fulfil our vision by:

  • Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible
  • Elevating and setting the industry standard
  • Being connected to our community and giving back.


Our defining purpose is to improve our customers’ individual circumstances, by giving them choice and financial control. We will achieve our purpose by:

  • Nurturing customers for life
  • Empowering positive personal change
  • Facilitating financial security and independence.


Our business is guided by a clear set of values:

  • Integrity. We do what we say, without exception.
  • The customer. Customers come first. They are integral to our success.
  • Opportunity. We relish the chance to make a difference.
  • Trust. Trust is paramount to everything we do.
  • Fairness. We believe in fairness and opportunity for all.

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