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Novated Lease

Thinking Novated Leasing? Think Kina! Get the vehicle you want now…

Kina Bank’s Novated Lease will help you build your wealth
There are many benefits with Novated Lease compared to other finance arrangements;

  • Fully utilise benefits of vehicle allowance
  • Tax effective
  • No security deposit from employer required
  • Employee financed transaction

Benefits to Employee:

  • Grow your personal wealth
  • No additional security required
  • Potential tax savings
  • Ability to manage ongoing annual maintenance and insurance costs

and the benefits to Employer are:

  • Enjoy the benefits of freeing up your operational cash
  • Cost of living benefits for your employees
  • Position your business as employer of choice to attract and retain talent

Simply apply for your Novated Lease by contacting our Relationship Manager, Noel Keyala on telephone number 303 6954 or visit Noel at our Waigani branch

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